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“Your new muffin cookbook is fantastic! I can't wait to make so many of them (particularly the parmesan-crusted muffins). Good job, hooray, congrats!! I am going to buy several for stocking gifts for Christmas.”

– Sara Moulton, Chef, Cookbook Author, Television Personality


Mad For Muffins
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Breaking News:

Mad for Muffins, my newest cookbook, is hot-off-the press from Houghton Mifflin Harcourt (look for it in bookstores and online). Filled with "pick-me-up-and-eat-me" muffin photographs, the book contains more than 70 recipes -- with an emphasis on the nutritious (see the What's New page for two of my favorite muffin recipes). There's immense variety in the world of muffins, yet muffins are the easiest, quickest quick bread of all, just the thing for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacking. And now a brief preview:

     "Muffins are quick, muffins are easy and practically fool-proof if a few simple rules are followed . . . Dry ingredients combined in one bowl, wets in a second, then the two mixed -- but barely. This is key if muffins are to be fine and feathery. The wets and dries should be mixed only enough to combine, in fact muffin batters should be lumpy with flecks of flour clearly visible. If not, your muffins will be peaked, rubbery, and riddled with tunnels.

     "Muffins launched me into the world of baking and I'd barely soloed before I was improvising with the basic recipes. My itch to improvise has never waned, in fact my reason for writing Mad for Muffins was to create a portfolio of muffins that captured the unusual, often seductive flavors I'd discovered as a food and travel writer constantly on assignment -- in Europe, Africa, Asia, the Middle East, South America.

     "So why not the curries and chutneys of India stirred into a muffin batter? The lemon-grass of Thailand? The coconut milk of half a dozen Asian countries? The falafel and hummus of the Middle East? The sun-dried tomatoes, pepperoni, and exquisite cheeses of Italy?

     "And how could I neglect the peppery accents of our own Southwest . . . the whole-wheats and ryes, other grains and brans of the prairie states . . . the silken stone-ground cornmeals of the South to say nothing of its 24-carat sweet potatoes . . . the maple sugars and syrups of New England as well as its cranberries now available dried as well and fresh and frozen? Oh, yes, and the sharp Cheddars of Vermont and Wisconsin to say nothing of the country hams of Kentucky, Tennessee, and Virginia.

     "My mission, too, was to reduce whenever possible, as much as possible, the amount of sugar now integral to so many of today's muffins. Have you noticed that 'muffin' has become a euphemism for 'cupcake?' Do we really feel less guilty scarfing down a sugary muffin than a cupcake? Well, as one friend commented, 'At least muffins aren't frosted!' True, but they may be strewn with a buttery, sugary topping.

     "OK. OK. To salve America's sweet tooth, I've added a chapter called Party Pleasers, a collection of -- dare I call them 'dessert' muffins? -- just the thing for birthday parties, showers, and other celebrations.

     "No, I haven't forsaken basic muffin recipes in the pages that follow nor ignored the fruit-nut muffins handed down from our grandmothers. They're all here -- in abundance -- though perhaps a tad less sweet.

     "So, I hope you'll give my muffins a try -- the plain, the fancy, the familiar, the exotic. They're all here along with the tips and techniques you'll need to produce proper muffins. Every time."

What people are saying about Mad for Muffins:

“After sharing muffin-making fundamentals, including how to measure ingredients and mix batters, food writer and James Beard Hall of Fame inductee Anderson (From a Southern Oven) presents 70 recipes that skew more savory than sweet. A firm believer that muffins should not be cupcakes, the author fills hers with substantial and sometimes unusual ingredients such as country ham, hard-cooked eggs, rye flour, and freeze-dried corn powder. Readers who’d like muffins on their table every day will appreciate that Anderson’s recipes (e.g., butternut-pine nut muffins, honeyed whole-wheat English muffins, falafel muffin tops) are lighter and more nutrient-dense than average. They’re also, as Anderson points out, excellent entry points for young cooks learning to bake. VERDICT: Need a break from bakery and coffee shop–style muffins? Anderson’s collection offers new variations on a traditional treat.”

-- Library Journal

"Baking fads come and go but muffins are forever! I love the recipes in this book -- fun, clever, and so easy to make. It's time to rediscover an American classic."

-- Barbara Fairchild, former Editor-in-Chief, Bon Appetit

"Jean Anderson, a seasoned professional, is the go-to person for muffins. With her new book's helpful hints, many options, and informative baker's tips, your first attempt with muffins is bound to be a success. So there is no excuse not to have warm muffins in your daily bread basket."

-- Jan Hazard, , blogger, Food Editor of and former Food Editor of Ladies' Home Journal

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I have just finished my next Houghton Mifflin Harcourt cookbook, Crisps & Cobblers, Custards & Creams. It's a big book, some 175 recipes -- the haute, the humble, the glamorous, the every-day. Pub date? April 2016.



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Over the years, I've created a directory of online sources for unusual cookware and unusual ingredients that you might find useful. I'll be adding new sources as I discover them.

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