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Anderson’s “hard work, dedication, and passion are evident throughout this extensive book. Along with classic dishes, Anderson shares stories about the South's culinary history . . . and important food figures . . . but the ‘insider’ recipes like Shirt Tail Pies . . . and East Tennessee Stack Cake are what truly make this book special.”
  Publishers Weekly
“Though born and raised in North Carolina, the longtime food writer Jean Anderson never quite shed a sense of being ‘more student than insider’ at the Southern table (her Midwestern parents stuck to their own culinary birthright). This combination of native and newcomer outlooks is what sets A Love Affair with Southern Cooking apart . . . This treasurable book is plentifully studded with capsule essays (on the likes of Duke’s mayonnaise or RC Cola) and mini-profiles (Mary Randolph, George Washington Carver) as well as a running timeline of historical tidbits.”
  Dining & Wine Section, The New York Times
“The best of the Southern cookbooks . . . like a Bible with love.”
  Good Morning America (ABC-TV), Top 10 Cookbooks of 2007
“Stories and annotated recipes from a member of the James Beard Cookbook Hall of Fame.”
  Notable Cookbooks of 2007, NY Times Book Review
“Best Regional American Cookbook of 2007 . . . as much fun to read as it is to cook from. Lots of calories, but worth every one.”
  Top 10 Cookbooks of 2007, Epicurious
A Love Affair with Southern Cooking is part cookbook, part memoir, part history and part back-roads adventure. And with Anderson as your guide, you won’t go off-course.”
  Richmond (Virginia )Times-Dispatch
A Love Affair with Southern Cooking mixes recipes with food history and lore . . . Whoever said romance was dead?”
  Atlanta Journal-Constitution
“Jean Anderson’s goal with this book is to pass along the South’s rich culinary history, the gossipy stories Southerners love to tell, the snippets of folklore, and not least the precious insight gained by watching Southerners cook. And she does it deliciously.”
  The Post and Courier, Charleston, SC
“Jean Anderson’s A Love Affair with Southern Cooking may be the best book on Southern cooking yet."
  Savannah Morning News
“This book is as satisfying as a plate of black-eyed peas with a side of hot, fresh buttered corn bread.”
  Tucson Citizen
“Cracking open Jean Anderson’s A Love Affair with Southern Cooking is akin to settling in at your Southern grandmother’s table for a long leisurely lunch. Story follows story as quirky characters and tidbits of history and legend come to life.”
  News & Observer, Raleigh, NC
“While vacationing with family at Tybee Island, Georgia . . . I found a nice place on the beach . . . and immersed myself in a great book . . . not a mystery but Jean Anderson’s A Love Affair with Southern Cooking . . . [and it] kept me spellbound.”
  Knoxville News
. . . we looked through Anderson’s A Love Affair with Southern Cooking in search of healthy recipes and found plenty of them.”
  Weight Watchers Magazine
“Jean Anderson’s fondness for Southern cooking and the storytelling that accompanies it did not fade despite spending most of her adult life in New York. Her North Carolina roots stayed firmly in place . . . . The result is A Love Affair with Southern Cooking, a collection of more than 200 recipes from all over the Southland . . . nearly all of them accompanied by a story.”
  St. Petersburg Times
" I wrote your name along with the name of your cookbook, A Love Affair with Southern Cooking, and attached it with a magnet to my refrigerator -- no telling how long it has been there . . . I have now just received two copies from Amazon and they are fantastic. I purchased an additional copy of Love Affair for a new bride -- A Southern cookbook will most likely become an asset for her as well as a good friend in the years to come."
  Melinda Dunham, Albemarle, NC
"I bought your book, A Love Affair with Southern Cooking, just a few days ago at A Southern Season. Made the scalloped oysters tonight and went to heaven! Thank you."
  Leslie DeBaun, Cary, NC
" Just a note to let you know I browsed through your cookbook, A Love Affair with Southern Cooking, and used your Shrimp and Grits recipe to produce a great evening meal.. You make cooking interesting. A new fan."
  Karen Sweeney Johnson, Palmer, Alaska
"I just finished A Love Affair with Southern Cooking and I thoroughly enjoyed every page! I learned so much about all of the different products that originated in the south (the tidbits about Krispy Kreme totally blew my mind!) . . . Sorry to babble, but I just had so much fun looking up recipes last night, I had to let you know . . . Thank you for the wonderful read! I'm looking forward to getting my hands on your Falling off the Bone."
  Conyers Bull. Mt. Pleasant, SC
“Just bought two copies of your wonderful Love Affair with Southern Cooking. Your writing is just like talking to a friend. I have lived in GA, AL, SC and FL and well as CA and so much of what you write is familiar to me . . . Thank you for a wonderful trip down Southern lanes and memories . . . Will find more of your books to share with my children."
  Barbara E. Ferguson, Charleston, SC
"I would love an autographed bookplate for my very favorite cookbook of all, A Love Affair with Southern Cooking. I read it over and over like a great novel. Thank you kindly!"
  S.C., Webster, NC


James Beard Award seal

James Beard Award, “Best Americana Cookbook,” 2008
SIBA (Southern Independent Booksellers Alliance) “Cookbook of the Year,” 2008
IACP (International Association of Culinary Professionals) Runner-Up, Best American Cookbook, 2008

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