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Jean Anderson's Preserving Guide by Jean Anderson

In this classic work, born of the back-to-the-land movement, Jean Anderson teaches you how to enjoy the bounty of your own garden, farmer's markets, and roadside stands -- all year round. With Anderson at your side, you'll learn which fruits and vegetables are best for canning, freezing, and pickling and, along the way, learn how to insure food safety.

Best of all, you’ll find you’re having fun, saving money, and eating well. Jean Anderson's Preserving Guide not only provides easy-to-follow directions for preserving whatever you grow but also dishes up more than 100 original recipes for such tried-and-true classics as piccalilli and corn relish and more adventurous fare like caponata, frozen pasta sauce, and carrot marmalade. This step-by-step guidebook brings the expertise of a hands-on master to a whole new do-it-yourself generation of gardeners, cooks, and food lovers.



“Anderson brings a reassuring voice to what can be an intimidating undertaking.”

-- Raleigh News and Observer

”When UNC Press approached Jean Anderson about re-releasing her Green Thumb Preserving Guide, it was easy to say yes . . . ‘not just because of the proliferation of farmers markets but because a lot of people are gardening.’

“Anderson said she updated a few things . . . instructions for sealing jams with food-grade paraffin and the proper use of pickling lime. She is thorough, understands kitchen science . . . and includes a wealth of general information.

“So this book is worth checking out for anyone who wants to know the nitty-gritty details of canning."

-- Michael Hastings, Winston-Salem Journal

"Ideal for beginners and experienced cooks alike. The former will appreciate her clear instructions and reassuring voice; the latter will love her surefire, sophisticated recipes."

-- Andrea Weigl, Raleigh News and Observer

Original Edition: Named by Craig Claiborne, Food News Reporter, The New York Times, to his list of books for the well-chosen cookbook library.



  Fall 2012 OKRA PICK, from SIBA (Southern Independent Booksellers Alliance) as one of the season’s best cookbooks.

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