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From A Southern Oven by Jean Anderson

In From a Southern Oven, acclaimed cookbook author Jean Anderson dishes up a delicious down-home collection of baked, braised, broiled, oven-fried and barbecued Southern classics. In addition to the to-die-for pies, cobblers, and crisps you’d expect, you’ll find a bumper crop of oven savories: deviled eggs and shellfish, poultry pies and pilafs, ham and sausage loaves, stuffed pork chops and vegetables plus casseroles and gratins galore. What’s more, once in the oven, little “baby-sitting” needed!

From the classic to the contemporary, these 150+ recipes include appetizers and snacks, mains and sides, breads and desserts. Southern staples abound – pork, pecans, and sweet potatoes . . . Vidalia onions and green tomatoes . . . blue crabs and butter beans . . . peaches and wild persimmons. Recipes? How ‘bout Atlanta Brisket? Savannah Party Shrimp and Rice? Chicken and Dressing Casserole? Creole Eggs? Sweet Potato Corn Bread? Scuppernong Pie? Hummingbird Cake? They’re all here along with insider tips and tricks to short-cut prep times, juicy bits of history and lore, and full-color photographs so luscious you want to dig right in.

If you’ve a passion for Southern cooking in all its honest, soulful glory – and even if you haven’t -- this one-of-a-kind new collection of the South’s oven-best is THE cookbook for you.


What People Are Saying:

"Jean is one of the most distinguished and prolific cookbook authors around . . . She’s renowned for her rigorous recipe testing and attention to detail. From A Southern Oven is no exception: the recipes are well-thought out and clearly written . . . So whether you’re in the mood to do holiday baking (Pecan Thumbprints), or in need of a chilly-night supper thought (Baked Pecan Stuffed Pork Chops), pick up a copy of this timely book. You’ll discover that Jean Anderson has got you covered." For full review, click on .

-- Donna Florio, Southern Living

“A collection of oven dishes both sweet and savory from a Southerner whose passion for them shows no sign of cooling. No one knows Southern cooking quite like Jean Anderson. A long-time food editor and the author of such books as A Love Affair with Southern Cooking and Falling Off the Bone, her encyclopedic knowledge of Southern food makes her the perfect author for this delicious down-home collection. If it's baked and it's from the South, you'll find it here. From a Southern Oven includes more than 150 recipes, both savory and sweet, classic and contemporary. You'll find appetizers and snacks, main dishes, sides, breads, and desserts that showcase such beloved Southern staples as pork and rice, sweet potatoes and Vidalia onions, butter beans, and blackberries and peaches. From Oven-Barbecued Chicken to Shrimp and Artichoke Hearts au Gratin to Blueberry Pecan Crisp, this book has it all. Throughout, Anderson dishes up juicy bits of history and lore about the recipes, while luscious full-color photographs offer mouthwatering inspiration.”


"Jean Anderson—who understands, like Faulkner, that 'the past isn't past'—is a loving historian of the South. Her book reaches back to the American South before there was an America. I love the history and stories behind the recipes almost as much as the unique names — Great Smokies Jelly Pie, Texas Torte, Chicken Boudine — it makes this Yankee want to get into the kitchen and start entertaining Southern style."

-- Sara Moulton, host of the PBS show Sara's Weeknight Meals

"From a Southern Oven is loaded with both savory and sweet dishes you'll want to make over and over again. I love how Jean Anderson avoids endlessly detailed instructions and just gives you the facts; reading one of her recipes is like hearing a friend, albeit with a slight Southern drawl, explain how to prepare a favorite dish. This is a real classic of our American culinary heritage."

-- Nick Malgieri, author of Bake and Bread

"In the food world, which is heavily populated with frauds and flimflams, Jean Anderson is the real deal. Her books are the gold standards; she is a treasure."

-- Malachy Duffy, formerly Senior Editor, Food & Wine Magazine

“What a treasure . . . a beautiful book! I have found my Christmas gifts. Shopping is easy when there's a new Jean Anderson cookbook on the shelves."

-- Robert Holmes, Greensboro, NC

"I bought your book just a few days ago at Southern Season. Made the scalloped oysters tonight and went to heaven! Thank you."

-- Leslie De Baun, Cary, NC

"Anderson is a food writing professional whose recipes always work; you can rely on them. She has long been my role model . . . Others may be jumping on the Southern cookbook bandwagon, but they will have to ride a long way to catch up with Anderson."

-- Debbie Moose, Moose Musings Blog

"Just had Georgetown Rice and Shrimp (from the Gulf) Pie with Bacon. Fantastic!"

-- Dave Tomsky, Asheville, NC

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