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From A Southern Oven by Jean Anderson


What people are saying about Mad for Muffins:

"Your new muffin cookbook is fantastic! I can't wait to make so many of them (particularly the parmesan-crusted muffins). Good job, hooray, congrats!! I am going to buy several for stocking gifts for Christmas.”

-- Sara Moulton, Chef, Cookbook Author, Television Personality

"Baking fads come and go but muffins are forever! I love the recipes in this book -- fun, clever, and so easy to make. It's time to rediscover an American classic."

-- Barbara Fairchild, former Editor-in-Chief, Bon Appétit

"Jean Anderson, a seasoned professional, is the go-to person for muffins. With her new book's h helpful hints, many options, and informative baker's tips, your first attempt with muffins is bound t to be a success. So there is no excuse not to have warm muffins in your daily bread basket."

-- Jan Hazard, former Food Editor, Ladies' Home Journal

“After sharing muffin-making fundamentals, including how to measure ingredients and mix batters, food writer and James Beard Hall of Fame inductee Anderson (From a Southern Oven) presents 70 recipes that skew more savory than sweet. A firm believer that muffins should not be cupcakes, the author fills hers with substantial and sometimes unusual ingredients such as country ham, hard-cooked eggs, rye flour, and freeze-dried corn powder. Readers who’d like muffins on their table every day will appreciate that Anderson’s recipes (e.g., butternut-pine nut muffins, honeyed whole-wheat English muffins, falafel muffin tops) are lighter and more nutrient-dense than average. They’re also, as Anderson points out, excellent entry points for young cooks learning to bake. VERDICT: Need a break from bakery and coffee shop–style muffins? Anderson’s collection offers new variations on a traditional treat.”

-- Library Journal

"I am a big Jean Anderson fan and every time she writes a new cookbook, I always think it's the best one ever ... and then she writes another. So "Mad for Muffins" is her best book ever! Her recipes are easy to follow and the results really do look like the pictures. If you didn't like muffins before (are there actually people like that?), you will after reading this book. My goal is to make all 70 muffin recipes and hope by then Jean will have her next best book ever ready to go."

-- Anonymous,

"So many muffins! You could literally make a new recipe every week and still have recipes left over at the end of the year. Jean Anderson includes all muffins great and small in this book — beloved classics like blueberry, tempting newbies like Falafel Muffin Tops, and those muffins that border on dessert territory (looking at you, Swirled Mocha). I especially love her spread of savory muffins here — lots of choices for those of us who prefer savory breakfasts, plus many of them double as easy side dishes for dinners and potlucks."

-- the

A comprehensive collection of muffin recipes from one of America’s most acclaimed food writers
"In her new book, Jean Anderson, the legendary, award-winning food writer, brings her incredible talents to muffins. In seventy recipes, Anderson covers every kind of muffin imaginable, from Corn with Country Sausage to Swirled Mocha to Old Vermont Cheddar–Cranberry. With such a wide range of choices for every season, you can bake these comforting treats year-round. In addition, Anderson includes ten recipes for delicious spreads, such as Lemon Curd and Maple Butter, to enhance her tasty treats. This cookbook also makes a great gift. It’s the only handbook you’ll ever need on the subject. "


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