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Process This! Cookbook by Jean Anderson



“Anderson consistently produces good books that appeal to all levels of cook. Here she turns out a staple for every cook who owns, or is thinking of owning a processor. Her fans will back her.”
  Publishers Weekly
“Recipes highlight dishes, both classic and contemporary, whose preparation times are slashed by the processor; bakers will be particularly interested in the cake batters and cookie doughs made entirely (or almost entirely) in the food processor, as well as the easy yeast and quick breads.”
  Library Journal
“A food processor guide for the 21st century, this information-packed book provides tips and techniques that are useful for anyone who wants to make better use of a processor, whether it is a vintage model or just out of the box.”
“Jean Anderson taps the power of the new generation of food processors and shares her wealth of expertise in her new book, Process This!
  Winston-Salem Journal
“Here is a pro who knows food and tests every recipe. From Tuscan Bean Soup, Ham Salad Sandwich Spread to Blueberry Cobbler with Whole-Wheat Topping, she’ll have cooks keeping their processor on the counter ready for action.”
  The Leader, Corning, NY


James Beard Award seal

James Beard Best Cookbook, Tools & Techniques Category, 2003

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