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The American Century Cookbook by Jean Anderson



 “This chock-full volume works equally well as a reading cookbook, a recipe collection, and a reference.”
  Publishers Weekly
"This is a cookbook you won't be able to resist reading from cover to cover, but don't forget to cook from it, too."
  Country Living Magazine
"A blockbuster in the culinary world."
"A big culinary snapshot album."
:“In delightful detail, it chronicles when and how recipes and food products originated.“
  Good Housekeeping
All of the elements combine to tell a story that is unique in the annals of this country and in the history of food.”
  Winston-Salem Journal
“I took Jean Anderson’s American Century Cookbook up to Maine, where we were having a big family gathering, and everyone enjoyed it very much. It is a fascinating book– just to see what really happened during that long period is very interesting indeed. For me, it brings back memories of how things were. Jean is such a good writer and researcher, and one can depend on anything written by her.”
  Julia Child


Nominee, Julia Child Cookbook Awards, 1998
Nominee, James Beard Cookbook Awards, 1998

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