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The Food of Portugal Cookbook by Jean Anderson



"Jean Anderson is probably the world's greatest authority on Portuguese cooking. having made 54 trips there in the past 25 years. This fascinating and beautiful book (also photographed by the author) is the culmination of 10 years of research and recipe-testing. It is a valuable contribution to the realm of ethnic food."
  -- The Pleasures of Cooking
“Ms. Anderson has written many good cookbooks, but this one surpasses the rest. It is the result of a 25-year passion for the land, people, and food of Portugal. Such books are rare; buy this one and read it– even cook from it.”
  -- Vogue Magazine

“Portugal, as much as Portuguese cooking, is the subject of this book, which is enlivened by veteran food writer Anderson’s familiarity with the country’s people, regions, rivers, and markets. The narrative is buoyed by historical notes, reminiscences, and tips on the best inns and restaurants in Portugal.”
  -- Publishers Weekly
“Anderson breaks new ground here with a big book on a cuisine that is virtually unknown outside its own country. . . Portuguese food is not at all what most people think: ‘just like the Spanish’ . . . It deserves, and now it has, its own major cookbook.”
  -- Library Journal

"THE FOOD OF PORTUGAL is my most treasured cookbook because it connects me so lovingly to the food traditions of my boyhood growing up in a Portuguese-American home, and many trips to Portugal, where you still have to search far and wide for a bad meal. The Portuguese were foodies avant la lettre, a fact that seems to get "discovered" periodically by Americans. Through the years, your book THE FOOD OF PORTUGAL has always been my most trusted reference."
  -- George P. Reis, Brooklyn, NY

"I've been an admirer of your cookbook, THE FOOD OF PORTUGAL, for years. But what I really wanted to tell you is that your version of Ašorda Ó Alentejana has been a huge hit with my crowd. I cooked it up in Seattle and then back down here at home and I keep getting asked to repeat it. It's outstanding. Thanks!"
  -- W.F. Tierney, Paso Robles, CA

"Just wondering if you will be writing a sequel to your FOOD OF PORTUGAL? I have many Portuguese cookbooks (my ethnicity as well as my interest) but your wonderfully written book (practically the best: bar none) and enthusiasm for my cultural background warms my heart. How about a regional book? Each Portuguese province?"
  -- Kathy MacLean, Toronto, Canada

"I bought your wonderful book, THE FOOD OF PORTUGAL, in the States in 1994 after returning from Brazil and it has never disappointed me! Or anyone else I had for dinner! To be honest, I'm not a great cook, but have also had great success with Julia Child. Like her, you seem to have the knack to pick the best tasting recipes of the cuisine and explain to novices like me proper the preparation. Much thanks!"
  -- Bruce M. Smith, Cannes. France

"I have a an old edition of THE FOOD OF PORTUGAL, given to me by my brother-in-law before he passed away. You really captured the Portuguese cuisine to a T. I am from the Ašores island of Santa Maria, lived in Canada all my life, but always cook Portuguese food. I enjoy your book so much . . . and can imagine you traveling through my country."
  -- Lucilia de Sousa, Ste. Sophie, Canada

"I just wanted to tell you that I read your book, THE FOOD OF PORTUGAL, back in 1986. I found it in the school library, I read it and loved it. You were the first author in the west that I'd seen that wrote so accurately about this country. Up until then it was always Spain & Portugal. I was 16 and so in love with this book I typed it all up and kept it in a folder till, one day about 15 years later. I found your book in a book shop. I've had it ever since and treasure it. By the way my heritage is Portuguese. Thank you for writing a great book."
  -- Anna Gomes, Sydney, Australia


Tastemaker Award, Best Foreign Cookbook, 1987

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