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The New Doublday Cookbook by Jean Anderson



"All I can say is Joy of Cooking, move over!"
  Atlanta Journal-Constitution
“Colossal! It should become one of the major culinary classics of our time.”
  The Ladies’ Home Journal
“The most versatile, comprehensive culinary masterpiece and everyday kitchen bible now available.”
  Bon Appétit
“It’s both simple and sophisticated and it’s big and basic and all-inclusive.”
  San Francisco Chronicle
“This is the new standard in basic American cookbooks.”
  Christian Science Monitor
“Sorry, Joy of Cooking. If I were restricted to just one cookbook, I’d choose The New Doubleday Cookbook.”
  Hartford Courant
"I have been using your Doubleday Cookbook since 1975. I have lots of cookbooks but your edition is my go-to. It's interesting how food preparation, preferences and nutritional information have changed over the years but even when preparing ethnic recipes popular today, I still find them in your 1975 edition. "
  Maryanne Peabody, Wayland, MA
"I moved from Rochester, NY to Myrtle Beach in 2011. During the move I lost a few boxes of kitchen items -- among them, unfortunately, The Doubleday Cookbook my husband gave me for Christmas in 1978. I am lost without it! This cookbook was my favorite -- and I hope to find a vintage copy online somewhere so that I can continue to make my family favorites."
  Debbie Young, Myrtle Beach, SC
"My mother had your Doubleday Cookbook, it had two volumes; when I lived at home, I used it all the time as did she. When I moved out, she bought me my own copy -- all in one large book. I now am going through the 40 cookbooks I own taking out the recipes I like, then the books are going to the used bookstore. The only cookbook I am keeping is my Doubleday! If a person were to never own another cookbook besides this one, they would eat well and have recipes to last a lifetime . . . it truly is the best all round cookbook ever written. I can't remember eating a bad thing out of my Doubleday Cookbook and there literally isn't any recipe you could ever need that is not in it."
  Michele Belcher, Eugene, OR
"Tonight I made The Doubleday Cookbook's Magyar Chicken Paprika (again. Many times I make the Fudgy Saucepan Brownies and have even passed down that recipe to a new generation. It all started when I was a temp with the Doubleday editor of the cookbook in 1976 and at the end of my time there I was given a copy of the cookbook. Here I am more than 30 years later and I often use The Doubleday Cookbook for general information and some favorite recipes. Tonight I said to myself that with the Internet I might actually get the chance to thank you for a wonderful cookbook. There are many great cookbooks out there but very few that can give you so much general information. It is a gem. THANK YOU!
  Barbara, New York, NY


Tastemaker Award, "Best Basic Cookbook," 1975
Tastemaker "Cookbook of the Year," 1975

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