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The New German Cookbook by Jean Anderson



“I would have imagined, what with the political upheaval of recent years, that there was too little time for anybody to be working on a modernized approach to German food, but I would have been wrong, given the evidence of The New German Cookbook . . .the authors, who both live in New York, invigorate a traditionally heavy, fat-laden cuisine with an air of excitement . . .”
  The New York Times

“. . .this book is soundly enough rooted in traditional cooking to please those loyal to past memories, shrewdly enough geared to the cosmopolitan present to make prejudiced American cooks take a second look at “that soggy German cooking,” but not heavy-handed in pursuit of either goal . . . Anderson and Würz excel in discreet, uncontrived originality.”
  The Los Angeles Times
”If you enjoy German food, there’s a terrific cookbook just out, The New German Cookbook by Jean Anderson and Hedy Würz.”
  Providence (RI), Journal
“Many of the foods reflect the lighter side of German cooking, others reveal the international influences that have crept into the cuisine, but plenty of the tried-and-true classics are here as well . . . everyone will discover a favorite dish, be it nouveau or traditional in this caring, well-researched tribute to the cuisines of Germany.”
  German Life Magazine
“There’s finally a cookbook for German-Americans . . . A whiz of a cook and cookbook writer, Jean Anderson has teamed up with another whiz named Hedy Würz to fill the culinary gap. Their New German Cookbook proves we can cook with a Germanic spirit and with a lighter hand.”
  Elmira, NY Star-Gazette
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